Friday, July 31, 2009

It’s A Whole New World!

It’s A Whole New World!

The end of gloom;

Welcome the cheers,

I open my eyes

(And) open my ears.


The light I see,

(And) the music I hear;

All feel near,

(And) all feel dear!


It’s a whole new world,

It’s a brand new sight;

It’s a ‘happy’ morning,

It’s just so bright!


Night fades away,

Dark says ‘bye’.

Sun says ‘Hello!’

(And) birds say ‘Hi…’


Dances my mind

(And) dances my soul,

I’m not alone,

I’m part of whole.



Angshu said...

Comments from Facebook:

You and Pooja Bhati like this.

Sanmoy Talukdar
Seems like you have fallen in love with Kavya (or is it Kavita?)... :)
Fri at 3:21am • Delete

Angshuman Ghosh
Somewhere lost my 1st luv (u guess who!) in the journey of dis rat race...tryin hard to find her back... :)
Fri at 3:28am • Delete

Sanmoy Talukdar
Is she near Darjeeling?
Fri at 3:29am • Delete

Mandar Kulkarni
Angshu da your Term 3 poem here..Please!!!!!!!!
Fri at 3:36am • Delete

Angshuman Ghosh
@sanmoy - she is here, there, everywhere - omnipresent yet elusive...

@mandar - sure i vil dear...but as discussed...conditions applied! :)
Fri at 3:39am • Delete

Manoj G. Kamath
dude... pls post ur 3rd term poem too...
Fri at 3:41am • Delete

Angshuman Ghosh
@manoj - thanks so much for remembering and requesting...u make me HAPPY...but i need some1 to copy-edit...once sm1 of u r free vil do dat and post it for sure... :)
Fri at 3:43am • Delete

taru said...

this is a cute one... :)...

Angshu said...

@taru - hmm...JLU (jus like u)?! :-P
jokes apart..thank u so much!! :)


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