Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That’s what Life is!!

That’s what Life is

Assumptions you’ve to make.

And, decisions you’ve to take.

When it works – rejoice!

You’ve made the right choice.

And, if it doesn’t – destiny it was!

Don’t feel bad, don’t be sad.

Don’t give excuse & forget your rues.

Either flop or hit, either loss or profit;

Your ‘net earning’ is your learning.

Get over, go ahead and don’t ask how?

Be modest but have faith in thou.

Sometimes you hit bull’s-eye,

Sometimes you miss!

That’s what it’s all ‘bout,

My dear, that’s what Life is!!


phanda said...

grt one !!
very insightful words...
Best part :: ---- "Your ‘net earning’ is your learning"

Santhu Kumar said...

Well Said Anghu da,

Really u have said exactly how our life goes...

Nice one...Waiting for some more like this from you.....

--Santhosh Kumar.

Anonymous said...


taru said...

nice one.. have depicted both sides of life in a very rhythmic manner.. :)

Angshu said...

@handa da - thank u so much...i also agree wid u bout the best part! :)

@santhu - its encouraging words from well wishers like u dat keep me goin..vil surely come up wid more...keep checkin! :)

@Anonymous - seems u r happy to read it - but i wud be more happy if u put ur name a few words.. :)

@taru - feels good that u liked the 'rhythmic manner'...to me life like music has its own rhythm - wen v miss it - v go offnote and music of life goes for a toss! neways...thanks a lot for ur comment! :)

Anonymous said...

My first interaction with the poet in you :)

Angshu said...

@Swapna - thanks so much for your comment!! hope to have many more interactions in future... :-P

A Solitary Wanderer said...

I have had had the pleasure of knowing you for many years, one of which, we spent in very close and intimate contact.
You were always the 'thinking type', famous for your one liners, which, even though they were sometimes vulgar, never failed to drive home the point. It feels kind of strange to see that you have graduated to a different and perhaps more respected mode of making your point, and you have done it with quite an é⋅lan.
I just hope that you do not cease to enlighten us with your one liners.


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