Monday, August 3, 2009

Sapne Zindagi Aur Zindagi Sapne Hain

Sapne Zindagi Aur Zindagi Sapne Hain

Choti Choti Akhiyon Mein Bade Bade Sapne,

Sapne Ye Sare Mere Bade Apne.


Ankhon Mein Nanhen Se Sapne Jo Aate Hain,

Ankhon Mein Ake Wo Dil Ko Lubhate Hain.

Sapne Jo Apne Toot Jate Hain,

Bhikre Who Moti Aansu Chhor Jate Hain!


Sapne Bhi Apne, Aansu Bhi Apne

Dono Hi Ang Hain Jine Ke;

Amrit Bhi Apna Zeher Bhi Apna

Dono Hi Cheez Hain Pine Ke.


Sapno Ka Amrit Tum Yaar Pilo,

Thoda Ye Jivan Khusi Mein Ji Lo.

Jivan Ye Bada Meetha, Ye Na Theekha Hai;

Badal Hai To Kya Suraj Na Fika Hai.


Choti Choti Akhiyon Mein Bade Bade Sapne,

Sapne Ye Sare Mere Bade Apne…



Angshu said...

My Sincere Thanks to:

>Mandar & Manoj: For remembering and requesting this poem. :)

>Ankur: For his time (more precious now!) and copy-editing of the original manuscript.

Thanks buddies!

Anonymous said...

dreams...the only inspiration to continue...huh! very nicely phrased poem...
do continue bringing us such fragments of lovely thoughts.
bahut sare sapney hai apki intezaar main....

Amrita said...

good one...
kintu ei ta bodh hoi tor ager lekha.. na?
mone hochhe tor kachh theke sunechilam age...

Angshu said...

@Anonymous - thank U! DREAM and inspire others to(o). :)

@amrita - u r absolutely right..dis is an old one - written more than 5 years back...but it's very close to my heart! published here as requested by some of my very good friends at XL...

Vinay said...

Nice attempt to a hindi poem by you !! Keep it up buddy !!

Angshu said...

@vinay - thnx sirjee...

taru said...

really nice... but somehow i feel u cud have written it better..

Angshu said...

@taru - i also feel so. actually actual manuscript (old composition) is not wid me - written based on what i cud remember. once i've the copy - may be vil update and vil b better! thanks anyways.. :)


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